The Fournier Law Firm represents small to medium sized businesses in many types of commercial matters. We handle business formation and preparing and filing corporate documents. We represent clients in acquiring corporations, businesses and land. We review and draft contracts for business clients. When necessary, we handle breach of contract and collection litigation.

Forming a Company

Are you thinking about starting a company or business? We represent startups and can advise you as to the type of corporate entity that best meets your needs. The Fournier Law Firm will prepare the proper forms for filing with the state and will draft the Operating Agreement that establishes the guidelines for your company. Whether you are interested in setting up a partnership, a stock corporation or a limited liability company, we can assist you.

Business Disputes

Are you having an issue with a competitor, a customer/client or a partner? We can help you work through it. At the Fournier Law Firm, our first step is mediation. We will attempt to work out an amicable solution for you. However, if an agreement is not forthcoming, we are always willing and able to file a lawsuit on your behalf.

Whether it is a breach of contract matter or an issue of collection, the Fournier Law Firm is poised to review the matter, advise you and aggressively pursue a resolution.


We advise small to medium size businesses in many industries including technology, construction, retail, medical, financial and food services. Whether you need help drafting form contracts, are thinking of acquiring a business or property, concerned about retaining key employees or want to figure out your exposure on a particular issue, the Fournier Law Firm is ready to offer you practical solutions for real-world problems. The Fournier Law Firm is dedicated to creating long term business relationships and serving its business clients in a cost effective manner.

Real Estate

Are you thinking of buying Commercial Real Estate? Are you interested in acquiring a new business? The Fournier Law Firm can assist you. We handle the purchase and sale of commercial real estate. We also can help you with refinancing. The Fournier Law Firm also represents individuals and companies who are interested in buying or selling an existing business.


Every business deals with contracts on a regular basis, whether it involves the purchase of goods, the renting of space, or providing services. The Fournier Law Firm reviews contracts for its business clients. We also draft contracts to fit the specifics of your transaction.

If a problem arises during the course of the contract, we can advise you and let you know your options under the contract. If your situation requires, we can attempt to negotiate a resolution. And if there is a breach of contract situation, we are always ready to file suit to protect your rights or to defend you when an action is brought against you or your company.