Juvenile Matters

Department of Children and Families

Has DCF taken your child? We are experienced in representing parents in Juvenile Court. We can fight for your rights to have your child returned as quickly as possible. If there has already been an order of temporary custody or a commitment to DCF, we will work with you to formulate a plan to ensure reunification.

Is your family the subject of a DCF investigation? We can navigate you through the process and protect your rights.

Are you a grandparent or other family member looking to intervene? We can help. Don’t let DCF place your grandchild with a stranger. We can intervene on your behalf. We will advise you concerning the process and help you establish yourself as an available resource and long term placement option.

Contact the Fournier Law Firm before DCF files a TPR and you lose your parental rights forever. It is not too late.

Juvenile Offenders

Is your child the subject of a delinquency proceeding in the juvenile court? The Fournier Law Firm is well versed in representing minors in the juvenile court and the youthful offender docket in Superior Court. A blemish on a child’s permanent record can be avoided.